Give your child a head-start

We offer great resources and teaching in order for your child to have an amazing and enjoyable experience while gaining highly useful skills.

Game development

Our game development course takes students through the ins and outs of Unity, an industry-level game platform that allows developers to create any kind of game. By the end, students will have created two games in Unity.

Coming Soon!

Our app development course is currently being developed (pun intended). It will teach students all about React Native, an app development tool created by Facebook that allows developers to fast track their app projects in a clean and efficient environment.

Why should my child learn to code?

There are numerous benefits to starting your child with coding. Here are the top 5 reasons:

  • Programming teaches children problem-solving skills
  • It challenges them and teaches children to bounce back from failure
  • Coding teaches how to think logically and how to break down big problems into smaller manageable pieces
  • Computer programming is the future
  • Programming is learning while having fun and creating amazing projects!

Children as early as elementary school can enjoy these benefits and more, starting them onto the path of success.

Take advantage of our sample lessons

For those who think programming sounds cool, but think it’s too daunting or intimidating to try out, we offer 2 hours worth of sample lessons at a reduced fee, allowing your child to test the waters without completely committing. Contact us to learn more.

Welcome to KidsLearn2Code

Here at KidsLearn2Code, we strive to provide your child a worthwhile experience. We teach all of our classes one-on-one, so your child has our utmost attention at all times. We also provide several resources to make sure your child retains what was learned days earlier. And above all else, we make sure your child actually enjoys what they are learning, and that this isn’t just another school class, but something awesome they want to tell all of their friends about.

As we all try to adjust to our new lives in quarantine, so have we. All of our classes are now offered virtually through video-conferences for your comfort and safety.

Please contact us with any questions you have and we will get back to you immediately

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