Game Development

Learn Unity

Unity is an industry-level game platform, allowing developers to create any game they imagine. Understanding how Unity works is crucial for success.

Code in C#

C# is a general-purpose, modern, object-oriented programming language. It is widely used in several industries, the video game one included. Easy to pick up, it’s a great first language for newcomers.

Through our Game Development Course, students will have developed one 2D and one 3D game using Unity. Through the creation of these two projects, students learn how to navigate Unity, master core principles of computer programming and C#, implement sound effects, music, and animations, and create basic AI behavior. We use an extensive, 15+ hour video course along with our guidance to help your children excel. We meticulously keep track of their progress and provide extra support and worksheets to make what was learned wasn’t forgotten. This course is taught on rolling basis, so you can decide to try it out at any time!

Due to COVID-19, we now offer online video-conferencing sessions due to safety concerns. This allows the student to screen share with their teacher, meaning we can watch their progress and make sure they stay on task.

We offer 2 hours worth of sample lessons at $25/hour to new students who are still tentative about programming. After that, we offer two packages:

5 Hour Package
  • $55/Hour
10 Hour Package
  • $45/Hour

If you are interested, please get in touch with us!